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Tues, Wed, Thur 8am-noon, 1:30-6pm
Fridays 8am-noon
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Dr. Cartales and staff are not just professional. It is very clear from the first time you meet them that they genuinely care about your well being and they listen to your concerns which are ailing you. Very Pleased Patient.
Marguerite K. , Nick K.

I have had a great experience w/Dr. Cartales and his staff. I have never had to wait and everyone is very friendly. The pain I had has lessened significanltly---thanks to Dr. Cartales and the fantastic massage therapists.
Rebecca Johnson

I have been more than satisfied by the professional manner of the entire staff and the results which I am receiving. Each member of the staff is top notch with the treatments and also provide a pleasant atmosphere.
Ted Althause

I am very happy with the care given to me by Dr. Cartales and his employees. They are very friendly and kind. The treatments I receive were very professional, done with care and gentleness. The procedures were explained to me carefully when needed to be. I am very satisfied. Thank You.
Jose Valdez

I was in serious car accident in Jan. 2011. I sustained back injuries and was told I would have to have extensive surgery to my back by a neurosurgeon. I asked the neurosurgeon and actually told neurosurgeon I would like to seek Chiropractic care before proceeding with surgery. Dr. Cartales has worked with me along with his professional massage therapy staff and my back, neck and legs feel great! A miracle....maybe, probably, but not without the gentle care given me here at Dr. Cartales's office. Incidently--there has been no invasive surgery needed now.
Lisa Manning

Very professional and knowledgable. Great to have a doctor to spend time and show real concern. Massage therapists really work on the right areas and are in tune with the patient. Best all around care ever.
Gary M.

The staff at Active Life is always warm and welcoming. The treatment I have been receiving has alieved all pain and restored a fun filled lifestyle. I highly recommend Dr. Cartales and his staff.
Shannon Shipley

Great Service, Great Place to receive treatment. I wouldn't go anywhere else.
Andre Vrahas

Dr. Cartales and his amazing staff of massage therpapists will amaze you with how quickly they can get rid of even your worst pain! I wouldn't go anywhere else!
Heather S.

I came in with fairly severe neck and lower back pain. After only a few sessions I noticed a lot of relief. I feel young again! I recommend Dr. Cartales to everyone.
Rhoda Z.

Dr. Cartales is the only Chiropractor that I would ever trust my care to because of his professionalism, knowledge, skill, and kindness. You will notice a drastic improvement from even your first session with him. He also employs a wonderful staff. A receptionist who makes scheduling a breeze and massage therapist that are truly the best in town.
Heather S.

Dr. Cartales is truly interested in your health---offers many options other than just chiropractic. Also offers exercise and stretching to relieve your pain. A very caring Dr.
Tony B.

I have been seeing Dr. Cartales for my IT Band and knee pain. He has helped me to be able to keep running through my knee pain. Not running is not an option for me and he understands that. The office staff are great. The massage therapists are the best. The deep massage has really helped.
Mindy Russell

Came into Dr. Cartales' office following a car accident feeling scared and defeated. Dr Cartales with his staff of massage therapists and reception staff aided me to a speedy recovery. They have such a welcoming atmosphere, professional, friendly, and healing team. You will feel well/happy/Chiropracticly sound with Dr. Cartales and his team.
Mandy N.

The staff is all so professional and friendly. Dr. Cartales is well versed in all areas of chiropractic philosophy--he listens to what I thinki I may nee and works it into my treatment plan. The massage therapists are all excellent and do deep tissue massage that works well with my chiropractic treatment--hand in hand!! I also lost 41 lbs through nutritional guidance from Dr. Cartales. So, that means I have lost 1/6th of my body weight which helps with my overall health! I am greatly appreciative to come in contact with ActiveLife Family Chiropractic.
Drew Ruroede

I ruptured C-6 disc and tore labrum muscle in my shoulder. I am a mixed martial artist, was told by doctors and one of the best neurologists in town I would never fight again and needed $75,000 surgery. Thanks to Doc and staff-Shannon I am back to 100 percent, couldn't have done it without ActiveLife Chiro.
Scott C. Morgan

I feel a lot better. I don't feel as tired as I was before. Also, my body feels like I'm in balance. Lots of positive personnel when you walk in. I'm very grateful that I could be part of this program.
Catherine G.

Amazing! I've felt so much better within my two sessions.
Ashlie Soto

I'm very happy with my progress. I can sleep at night without pain. I was diagnosed as a good candidate for neck surgery, but I am glad I tried Chiropractic and medical massage instead. Great Stuff!
Linda S.

I feel Dr Cartales has helped me with my plantar fascitis more than the 2 podiatrists I have seen in the past 4-5 months . He is also working on my back, which I am hopeful will improve with his help and advice on exercises.
Mary W.

I experience a wonderful treatment each and every time I see Dr. Having been treated by other Chiroprators for the past 10 years I must admit the method of treatment given to me at ActiveLife Chiropractic is the best. The relief is great!!
Mary Rizzolo

Dr. Cartales and his staff have helped me to enjoy a new level of health and happiness in my life in just a few short months of treatment. I have lost 12+ pounds and two sizes on the Isagenix products in 3 months. I feel much better and I love my visits with Shannon, CeCe, and Dr. Cartales and appreciate their love and concern for me and my good health.
Annie Lindstrom

Dr. Mike has done wonders for my back and is working "magic" on my hip pain. Dr. Mike is very informative and very intelligent, and knows information on the products that are available. I refer Dr. Mike to anyone with any problems every chance I get.
Amy B.

Dr. Cartales was very helpful in the diagnosis of my shoulder pain and was very thorough with X-rays and explaining the treatment plan. After the intial treatment I had already started to feel relief and would highly recommend Dr. Cartales to other people.
Jon Kunz

I was very impressed with the attention given to 1st relaxing and exercising the muscles before my adjustment. The deep tissue work gave me release and more movement. The suggested exercises help me maintain good movement without pain. Dr. Cartales listens and explains what is happening and the processes required to make healthy changes.
Erma W.

Since coming to see Dr. Cartales not only has my issue in soreness of my left knee been healing, I have noticed more energy during the day time. Alignment of the entire body has helped my sleep at night as well. Most importantly, I have established a relationship where I know Dr. Cartales is honest and he has been a great friend. I refer Dr. Cartales to my friends on a daily basis.
Mark Stevens

My experience has been a positive one--after aggressive treatments to my spine, legs, neck, I am more able to walk longer distances without hurting. I was impressed by Dr. Cartales' throroughness and professionalism and the lovely office environment. He truly listens and engages you in conversation. I will return if I ever have any flare-ups. He's the best Chiropractor I have ever met, both here and New York. P.S. I also benefitted by the deep tissue massage therapy by CeCe. She's Great!
Connie Laborde

I am definitely blessed to have Dr. Cartales and everyone there in the office in my life. I can not go more than a week without coming back. I almost feel like I am being spoiled. But on a serious note; I am able to do things physically that I could not attempt to do when I was seeing a pain management physician. I no longer need any type of medication to take away any pains. The little discomfort I may get is solved once I leave Dr. Cartales' office. I recommend Dr. Cartales to everyone I come across.
Tiesha W.

What can I say? I've always been a believer in Chiropractors. However, every Dr's techniques are very different. I was in extreme pain when I came in a month or so ago. The thing I like best about ActiveLife is the combination of adjustments along with clinical massage. I believe this combination allows the healing process to be more effective and also quicker than what I'm used to. Seriously, I've been Blessed meeting Dr. Cartales and his wonderful Staff!
Doreen Philips

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